Pirotecnia Batalhense


Pirotecnia Batalhense, Lda. is located in Casal do Relvas, a small village at about 3km from Batalha and it its specialized in the traditional art of producing fireworks. The company is located in Batalha (Leiria district).

The town of Batalha has been a place of great historical events, from the roman occupation to the decisive battles for independence, leaving an important cultural heritage. The victory of the battle of Aljubarrota on the 14th August 1385 led to the construction of Santa Maria da Vitória Monastery, an important cultural monument that gave birth to Batalha town. Batalha is located on the central coastal region of Portugal, in Leiria district. It stands near Leiria, Porto de Mós and Ourém.
The municipality is located in the Central Coastal Region of the country and belongs to the District of Leiria. It borders the Municipalities of Leiria, Porto de Mós and Ourém.

The region has numerous traces of human occupation from prehistoric times, as is the case of São Sebastião de Freixo, where the Roman settlement of Collipo (originally an Ópido Túrdulo) existed, considered one of the most important Portuguese-Roman cities in the west coast of the Hispanic Peninsula.

Batalha includes four parishes whit significant differences concerning terrain and vegetation. It is a dynamic town with a very important historical, cultural and geographical relevance.
From the São Mamede plateau to the green fields – where the Lena river flows – many are the reasons to visit us a let yourself be enchanted by the unique local landscapes. “Batalha – land of history. Land of future“.

Source: www.cm-batalha.pt


Fábrica de Fogos de Artifício de José dos Santos Cardosowas founded in 1962 by José dos Santos Cardoso and Maria do Rosário Vitória Louro, a couple with 3 sons and 2 daughters. They had also fireworks producers parents and founded this company within the family.

Pirotecnia Batalhense, Lda.was created in 2003by their sons Agostinho Louro Cardoso, Fernando José Louro Cardoso and José Louro Cardoso.

This company has been passed from one generation to the next, always keeping up with innovation and good taste. Pirotecnia Batalhense has performed various colour, light and sound shows all over the country including the Madeira island. In 2003 we created a branch office in Madeira island where we have performed remarkable firework shows. In this branch office we produced and assembled fireworks until the end of 2014. Há 37 anos implantados na Ilha da Madeira, local onde têm decorrido grandiosos espetáculos de Fogo-de-artifício, foi criada em 2003, uma filial onde foi realizado o fabrico, a montagem e a distribuição do mesmo, até ao final de 2014.

The experience gathered along these years and the new technologies that we keep introducing allow us to satisfy our clients demands and they are the most important admirers of our work. Thinking of them we constantly make an effort to evolve and acquire new technologies. Day after day we give our best to our clients. The recognition of our work by the clients through many distinctions we have received gives us prestige and consequently market leadership which is becoming more competitive every day.

The satisfaction of our clientsis our main goal and that is why we keep doing our best for you.